Here, you can download spamgourmet released code. You don't need to download anything to use the service -- you can just sign up on the main page for that. If you want to host a similar service, add spamgourmet functionality to your existing mail service, or just look at the code, then this is for you. If you want to get involved in the development project, check out the project page.

You can also browse the subversion repository that's hosted by sourceforge.

Latest File Releases
Package Version Date Download Description
spamgourmet 2.0.3 2007-10-08 Download This is the main mail handler code and a database setup script, as well as the web stuff.
SgMailto0.3 2007-10-08 Download This is some javascript that creates a near-random new spamgourmet email address for visitors to your website. The "sender" directive is specified in the addresses, and if you have reply address masking, you'll be able to engage in an email dialog with people who contact you this way while not divulging your email address in any way on your web page. Note -- this is the new preferred method (over AddressScrambler, below), of safely putting an email contact on a web page.
vim/vi macro  2001 Download Here is a vim/vi macro to generate unique From: lines, to be inserted into an amenable MUA. The macro generates unique From: lines, email addresses for outgoing email. It also leaves you in insert mode at the spot where you can edit a tag to ID the recipient. So, save time, spare typing, don't rely on faulty memory, and edit defaults manually when the need arises.
AddressScrambler0.2.2 2003-02-12 Download This is yet another javascript-based email address shield against spam harvester-bots. This version is for static web pages, and has a handy "helper page" that will generate the necessary inline javascript code for you. It really seems like the harvesters are interpreting javascript these days, and so AddressScrambler can probably only provide a false sense of security -- you can still download it if you like, but consider it deprecated. Drag, because it was pretty cool.