Spamgourmet was created and is run by volunteers. Here's a brief rundown of the team:
name role etc.
Josiah (Josh) Q. Hamilton concept, design/development, admin, press, etc. Attorney, spam-hater, and software enthusiast in Houston, TX
John Bajana-Bacalle supplemental development, QA I'm a Brooklyn, New York free software aficionado. I use and enjoy Debian GNU/Linux and the OpenBSD operating systems. I'm looking for an IT job. :)
Jochen Schoenfeld German Translation I'm a 29 years old computer engineer living in Berlin, Germany. I did the translation because I'm fascinated from spamgourmet's idea and want to support this great project.
Michael H German Translation I am 39 years old, three dogs, fotographer (, see also, and I am a locksmith too ;-) ( And of course I am a fan of
Nicolas Grégoire French Translation Visit
Pettigrew V. Hamilton French Translation
Luisa Crosara Italian Translation (in progress) I am a translator and a fan of visit and
Nicola Zordan Italian Translation (aid) I am a Software professional. I think that is a terrific idea and gives the web users an impressive service. Visit
Amit Marathe Development I am a 29 year old software professional in New York who also likes mathematics and chess. I was very impressed with the simplicity and effectiveness of the SpamGourmet service and plan to support future development of this project.
Fred Mora Development, French Translation Software engineer, tech writer, open-source enthusiast.
Eugeny Sattler Russian Translation I am a moderator in the following conferences:
(russian language discussion about crafting regexes).
(russian language duscussion about useful software and services).
(english language discussion about accessing internet purely by email).
The internet-by-email service I like very much (in russian).
My picture can be seen here.
Want your site translated into Russian? Ask me to do it for you. My email is
Anders Olsson Swedish Translation I'm an IT consultant who really likes spamgourmet, and especially the fact that it's free. I thought I'd do my part and do the swedish translation.
Sinan Can Ýmamoðlu Turkish Translation
David Ricardo Ramírez Spanish Translation
Jamie Keulemans Dutch Translation I am a 17 years old student from the netherlands. im following a education to become a computer technician. when im done following this education im going through to a become a network specialist. i really like spamgourmet because my inbox is finally spam free =). no link for me.
Robin Dequidt Dutch Translation This family name is difficult to pronounce: it's like [duhkwi:t]. I am Flemish. I studied at the university of Gent (Eng.: Ghent)(Belgium) Germanic languages. So, translating the menu here of SpamGourmet was an opportunity. My hobby here at home is working on the Wikipedia, mainly in the Dutch version. I was a teacher and had several other positions. My mother language is Dutch and this language is spoken with some regional differences in the Netherlands and in the northern part of Belgium, called Flanders ( adj.: Flemish).
Geir Thomas Nordskog Norwegian Translation 28 year young IT-instructor, who adores spamgourmet. I demonstrate spamgourmet in all my classes, as an easy-to-use, effective and free website in the fight against spam. After using it for some years now, I chose to give something back to spamgourmet by translating the site.
Carlos Bachmaier Spanish Translation Currently 45, living in Madrid, Spain
Andrei Szanto Romanian Translation communications engineer - living in Romania, Cluj-Napoca, passionate by Commix and PC Games
Piotr Pikula Polish Translation Finance professional from Poland. Hates spam and wants to make spammers' life a bit more difficult.
JF Boyer French Translation (FAQ) Draftsman & translator. Home page:
Cleber Matos Portuguese Translation Sometimes a musician at Barattas Ômicidas (,
sometimes a kendo player,
but most of time a Communication student who has a stuck on new technologies and enjoys cool sites.
I'm graduated in Advertising and I'm doing my M.D. in Communication (about Virtual Communities).
I like programming ( a little perl...) and love spamgourmet =D
Peter Rasmussen Danish Translation  

And of course, spamgourmet users constantly contribute through new feature suggestions, bug reports, and the like.